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  • The semiconductor market declined 6.3% in 3Q 2022


    The semiconductor market declined 6.3% in 3Q 2022 Semiconductor Intelligence Semiconductors Down in 2nd Half 2022by Bill Jewell on 11-20-2022 at 4:00 pmCategories: Semiconductor Intelligence, Semiconductor Services The semiconductor market declined 6.3% in 3Q 2022 from 2Q 2022, according to WSTS. Ba Read More

  • The Structure and Working Principle of IGBT


    Figure 1 shows an N-channel enhancement type insulated gate bipolar transistor structure, the N+ region is called the source region, and the electrode attached to it is called the source. The N+ region is called the drain region. The control region of the device is the gate region, and the electrode Read More

  • China’s semiconductor output shrinks as Covid-19 lockdowns disrupt production, crimp demand


    · The nation’s output of integrated circuits in April declined 12.1 per cent year on year to 25.9 billion units, the lowest since December 2020, according to official data· Some of the country’s largest manufacturers have seen their assembly lines paralysed by disrupted supply chains and clogged log Read More

  • Prospect of Lithium Niobate Crystal


    With the continuous development of services such as cloud computing, virtual reality, data communication and high-definition video, the core optical network has been upgraded to ultra-high-speed and ultra-long-distance transmission. In this process, there is a core device that is essential - that is Read More

  • A Chip Shortage Recovery Guide


    At a GlanceChip shortages in some sectors will begin to ease later this year, including among automotive and industrial companies.Other industries, including gaming consoles and computer servers, won’t recover until 2024.Leading companies are making investments to address short-term supply disruptio Read More

  • How will the war between Russia and Ukraine Affect Semiconductor Companies?


    The conflict between Ukraine and Russia may exacerbate supply problems at a time when the global core shortage problem remains unresolved.At present, Ukraine is a major supplier of rare gases such as neon gas in the world, and Ukraine accounts for 70% of global neon production; while Russia is a maj Read More

  • NOTIFICATION ——Finewin's import bussiness begins


    Along with RCEP took effect, and company's development, FineWin is going to start operating our import business. If you have genius products in semiconductor, Acousto-optical & Piezoelectric&Laser fields and are willing to develop business in China, please contact us to discuss cooperation matters! Read More

  • The production of silicon wafers


    The production of silicon wafers usually has the following steps:1) Crystal growth can be divided into Czochralski method (CZ) and zone fusion method (FZ). Since the molten polycrystalline material will directly contact the quartz crucible, the impurities in the quartz crucible will contaminate the Read More

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