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Jiaozuo Commercial FineWin Co., Ltd is a professional company dedicated to the growth, processing and sales of sapphire, silicon, lithium niobate and TeO2 crystals. At the same time, we still
process other optical materials and Windows.

Company’s History: 
  • In 2009, Started from manufacturing Sapphire Substrates.
  • In 2013, Overseas sales company was founded in HongKong called Light Materials Co, Ltd,.
         Besides Sapphire wafers, Silicon Wafers, GaN Templates can be processed.
  • In 2015, Jiaozuo Commercial FineWin Co., Ltd was established. At the same time, our production & sales lines were enlarged. Besides sapphire substrates, sapphire ingots, blanks, windows, prisms,.......almost all kinds of sapphire products can be produced here. 
  • In 2017, Jiaozuo Commercial FineWin Co., Ltd strategically cooperated with Jiaozuo King's Photonics Co., Ltd, responsible for their            overseas sales. Since then, TeO2, LiNbO3 blocks and wafers also become our main products.
Our Advantage:

1、Professional staffs: The members of Commercial FineWin are researchers and marketing managers who had worked in Crystal and Optical field for more than 15 years.
2、Complete product range: 
(1) Semiconductor materials: sapphire substrate, Silicon wafers, GaN template, Sic.
(2) Optical windows: sapphire windows, silicon windows, and other optical material windows.
(3) Piezoelectric, acousto-optic and laser crystal: LN, LT, TeO2, YAG.
3、Customized with drawings, samples, and applications.
4、More intergrated, more Guarantee: From crystal growth to Fabrication, which guarantee the quality and the cost of our products.
5、Stable and timely delivery: The large production capacity allows us to have odinary stocks of plain wafers and fast delivery.
Our Vision: 
1、Help more research institutes to develope their research in Semicon, optical and Acousto-optical & Piezoelectric&Laser field.  
2、Help device and equipment manufacturers to improve the performance of their products and reduce their costs.

Our Market:

Commercial FineWin has all overseas clients in USA, Europe and Asian countries, including Universities, Research Centers and Hi-tech enterprises.