The application of Sapphire windows
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The application of Sapphire windows

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The application of Sapphire windows

You may feel unfamiliar when it comes to sapphire windows, but you must be familiar with the fields in which it is applied. Its application is very wide: in addition to some optical laboratory equipment or detection and other technological equipment, it is also used in all aspects of our daily life, such as digital cameras, watches and other items have its presence. 

The sapphire window is actually a kind of glass. The reason why it is called sapphire is that its chemical composition and physical properties are the same as natural sapphire, and it has excellent characteristics such as high refractive index, low dispersion rate, resistance to heat, corrosion resistance, and good stability.  And because of this, this material is increasingly being valued by scientific and technological workers. And has a wide range of uses. 

At present, the products developed by Jiaozuo FineWin have been widely used in deep sea exploration, high-speed rail monitoring and monitoring, oilfield monitoring, aerospace and other fields. High-quality products have won wide acclaim from customers. The company's conventional varieties are available in stock, and samples can be provided for trial; at the same time, it can be customized according to customer requirements. Choose the sapphire window and go to Jiaozuo FineWin ! We will repay your trust with high-quality products and considerate service.

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