2inch Ntype Silicon Wafers
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2inch Ntype Silicon Wafers

In integrated circuits, one of the significant components is the Silicon wafers. Integrated circuits are a composite of numerous different electronic components that are organized to operate a particular function. For semiconductors, the principal platform is the Silicon. This semiconductor material's thin slice is a wafer, serving as the substrate for microelectronic devices built-in and over the wafer.
silicon wafers have been widely used in aerospace, industry, agriculture and national defense, and even sneaked into every family.
Product Description

Almost every electric device in our surroundings has silicon wafers in it. When it comes to making semiconductors, it is a pretty famous material. A flat-disk having a surface that's like a mirror and polished looks similar to the silicon wafer. An irregularity-free surface improves the purity of the surface, therefore making it a perfect candidate for the semiconductor devices

Products Specifications(General):

Growth MethodCZ
Type(doping)P-type (B doped) or Ntype (P doped)
Orientation(100) or (111)
Thickness200~1500 μm,
SurfaceSSP or DSP
TTV&BOW'≤15 μm
Cleaning/ packagingVacuum packaging, 25 pieces in one cassette packaging
Stock situationyour required specification can be sent to us for checking