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Sapphire Protective Windows

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Sapphire Protective Windows

Workers working at high altitudes now often burn some welding gas, but because of the irritating white light during the firing process, this is very harmful to the eyes and will cause various eye diseases over time. 

Therefore, people have developed an item that can protect the eyes, that is, the sapphire protective film. The glasses made with it have a good protective effect on the eyes, so many people use them.

The sapphire protective film is also called the sapphire protective window. It is a special window used to protect the observer, the inside of the instrument and the inside of the container by using the pressure, abrasion, and high temperature characteristics of sapphire. It has ultra-high surface hardness and chemical resistance, can transmit wavelengths from UV to mid-infrared, and is thinner and stronger than standard glass windows. 

First of all, when choosing these materials, you should check whether the manufacturer is formal, and whether there is a trademark and safety verification of the merchant. You can personally use these materials to see if their quality is good, whether they are stable, and whether the appearance of the color characteristics is distinctive, after these observations and use, a good product can be selected.

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