Tellurium Dioxide(TeO2)
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Tellurium Dioxide(TeO2)

TeO2 crystal is an acousto-optic material with high quality factor. It has good birefringence and optical rotation properties, and the speed of sound propagating along the [110] direction is slow; under the same clear aperture, the resolution of the acousto-optic device made of TeO2 single crystal can be improved by an order of magnitude, and the response speed is fast. The driving power is small, the diffraction efficiency is high, and the performance is stable and reliable.

TeO2 crystal is an ideal single crystal material for making various acousto-optic devices such as acousto-optic deflectors, modulators, resonators, and tunable filters.
Product Description

Crystal Phsical Parameters:



It can be made into various acousto-optic devices, such as acousto-optic deflectors, acousto-optic Q-switches, surface acoustic wave devices, etc., so that these crystals are widely used in laser radar, scanning of televisions and large-screen displays, and light in photonic computers. memory and laser communication.

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