Silicon thermal Oxide Wafers
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Silicon thermal Oxide Wafers

The silicon thermal dioxide wafer refers to the thermal growth of a uniform dielectric film on the surface of the silicon wafer, which is used as an insulation or mask material. The oxidation process includes high temperature dry oxygen oxidation and high temperature wet oxygen oxidation.
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Product Description

Products specifications:

Growth MethodCZ or FZ
Type(doping)P-type (B doped) or Ntype (P doped)
Orientation(100) or (111)
Diameter4 inch
Thickness200~1000 μm,

SSP (Oxide on both side or oxide on one side)

DSP(Oxide on both side or oxide on one side)

TTV&BOW'≤25 μm
Cleaning/ packagingVacuum packaging, 25 pieces in one cassette packaging
Stock situationyour required specification can be sent to us for checking