Silicon Nitride Wafer Si3N4 Thin Film
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Silicon Nitride Wafer Si3N4 Thin Film

Within the semiconductor industry, silicon nitride layers are used as dielectric material, passivation layers or can act as hardmask. Additionally, there are several applications in micro-mechanics, for example as membrane material.

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Product Description

Products specifications:

Growth MethodCZ or FZ
Type(doping)P-type (B doped) or Ntype (P doped)
Diameter2inch, 3inch, 4 inch
Thickness200~800 μm,

SSP (SiN on both side or on one side)

DSP(SiN on both side)

SiN film thickness100nm~500nm
TTV&BOW'≤25 μm
Cleaning/ packagingVacuum packaging, 25 pieces in one cassette packaging
Stock situationyour required specification can be sent to us for checking