Sapphire Glass Protective windows
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Sapphire Glass Protective windows

Other than diamond windows, sapphire windows and sapphire flat stock can outperform all other optical, and in many cases nonoptical, materials. A sapphire window exhibits exceptional performance in a number of applications that require extreme mechanical, optical, thermal and chemical robustness.

Sapphire windows and flat stock are incredibly hard, strong and wear resistant;

A sapphire window can be exposed to extreme abradants such as sand and particulates with minimal effect on the clarity of the window. 

Sapphire windows can take pressure like no other clear material, making sapphire windows the go-to transparent material.
can transmit so far into the UV and IR bands,  thermal and chemical robust.
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Product Description

Product introduction:

Sapphire protective window is a product that utilizes the characteristics of sapphire such as pressure resistance, scratch resistance, and high temperature resistance to protect users or items in containers. It is often used in deep water, oil fields, flammable and explosive situations, high-pressure vessels, vacuum containers, and electronic sensors or external environment detectors

The laser protective window is mainly used to block debris from splashing during laser cutting and prevent splashes from damaging the lens. Anti-reflection coatings with high damage threshold (>15J/cm2) are plated on both sides to reduce reflections. It is currently widely used in light cutting, laser marking and other applications. Sapphire has the characteristics of high hardness (level 9), high temperature resistance (1600°C), and good thermal conductivity. It is increasingly replacing traditional quartz laser protection sheets. 

The sapphire laser protective sheet is made of high-quality sapphire material, which can effectively avoid the phenomenon of explosion and abrasion caused by high temperature, and greatly improve the service life of the protection sheet.

Product Features: 

1. High anti-damage threshold 

2. Very low residual reflection 

3. Low scattering 

4. Little absorption 

5. Wavelength: 1064nm.

6.High abrasion and pressure resistance

7.Hgh transmission and reflection

8.Excellent ability to withstand various cold and hot temperatures

9.Scratch resistance

10.Strong wear and chemical resistance


Substrate Material99.996% sapphire material
size Available1mm to 300mm
Tolerance +0.00/-0.005mm or customer design
Thickness0.05mm to 100mm
Surface Quality40-20 or customer design
Surface Flatness1/2lambda or customer design
Shapeswindows, wedges, plates, wafers, ball, tubes, ingots, cylinders...
Clear Aperture>90% of Diameter