SAW And Optical Quartz Wafer
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SAW And Optical Quartz Wafer

Offer 3"-6" quartz wafers with customized
Product Description

Typical Specifications


Basic materials characteristics


2.2 g / cm3

Moh's hardness

5.5 ~ 6.5

Transformation point

1120 °C

Softening point

1680 °C

Annealing point

1210 °C


7×10 7 ohm-cm

Dielectric constant e

3.7~ 3.9

Refractive index ( @ 589 nm )

Nd =1.4584

The possible applications

1. SAW(Surface Acoustic Wave) devices, frequency filters and resonators for wireless communications.
2. IF communication devices because of its stable frequency characteristics in a variable temperature  environment.
3. Optical quartz plates are used in multi-refraction applications in digital cameras and videos
4. As a "pick-up" for DVD and optical discs. Future applications for optical plates are in sensors for:
   i. ITS (Intelligent Transport System)
   ii. VICS (Vehicle Information and CommunicationsS ystems)
   iii. AHS (Automated Highway systems)
   iv. Control devices for optical fiber cable communication.