Round Sapphire Windows
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Round Sapphire Windows

Sapphire (Sapphire, also known as white sapphire, molecular formula Al2O3) single crystal is an excellent multifunctional material. It has high temperature resistance, good thermal conductivity, high hardness, infrared transmission and good chemical stability. Widely used in many fields of industry, national defense and scientific research (such as high-temperature infrared windows, etc.).

Sapphire window are widely used in infrared and far infrared military equipment, such as night vision infrared and far infrared sight glasses, night vision cameras, and other instruments and meters in satellite and space technology, as well as windows for high-power lasers, optical windows, UV and IR windows, and observation ports for low-temperature experiments. It has been fully applied in high-precision instruments and meters for navigation, aerospace, and aviation.

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Product Description

Sapphire windows are used in various photometers and spectrometers, as well as in reaction furnaces and high-temperature
furnaces, as well as in sapphire observation windows for products such as reactors, lasers, and industry.

1. Excellent surface hardness,not easily scratched.
2. The range of transmittance extends from ultraviolet to mid-infrared wavelength region.
3. Chemically inert and insoluble in water, common acids or alkalis at temperatures up to about 1000°C.
4. High temperature resistance, good thermal conductivity,
5. Good infrared transparency and chemical stability.

Basic technical parameters:
1. Dimension tolerance ± 0.05mm
2. Finish 60-40
3. Edge <0.25mm×45°
4. Clear aperture >85%
5. Polishing High-precision double-sided polishing
6. Coating: on your request.

1.Compared with glass windows, sapphire optical windows have superior abrasion resistance, toughness and fracture resistance.
2.Optical components and infrared-transmitting optical windows are made by high-quality optical-grade sapphire.