Rectangular Sapphire Window
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Rectangular Sapphire Window

The rectangular sapphire window is a double-plane rectangular optical sapphire glass, which is usually used as a protective window for sensors and detectors. The window does not change the magnification of the system.

Industry uses sapphire windows as components of tools and equipment, components in end products, and safety equipment for employees.



  • FineWin

Product Description

Finewin Wafers can produce high-quality customized square / rectanglular sapphire windows made of
C-cut, A-cut or R-cut synthetic sapphire monocrystal. Waist-shaped sapphire windows and elliptical
sapphires can also be customized. All of these specially customized sapphire windows can be coated with
a variety of anti-reflective coatings. Such as AR / AR at 808nm, 1064nm, etc.


Square and rectangular sapphire windows are widely used in many fields, such as high-temperature infrared windows,
bar code scanning windows and various optical components. Another important application for sapphire windows is as
a substitute for traditional glass and various consumer electronics and watch covers.

Basic technical parameters:
1. Dimension tolerance ± 0.05mm
2. Finish 60-40
3. Edge <0.25mm×45°
4. Clear aperture >85%
5. Polishing High-precision double-sided polishing
6. Coating: on your request.

Rectangular sapphire windows and square sapphire windows are manufactured regularly at Finewin Wafers. Sapphire
windows are excellent at protecting delicate optics due to their superior strength and transmission. Rectangular sapphire
windows can also be used as viewports in high pressure or vacuum situations. Square sapphire pressure windows can be
made much thinner than other optical glasses due to sapphire’s high modulus of rupture.
With a MOHS hardness of 9, sapphire is second only to diamond and it transmits from 190nm to 5000nm making it a great
choice for UV applications and mid wave infrared.