Lead Molybdate(PbMoO4)
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Lead Molybdate(PbMoO4)

Lead molybdate (PbMoO_4 referred to as PM), belongs to the tetragonal crystal system, 4/m point group, under the 6328nm laser wavelength, the refractive index n_0=2.2386 n_e=2.2362 is a uniaxial crystal Light transmission range: 0.42-6.5μm, it is an excellent Acousto-optic dielectric materials can be used as acousto-optic modulators and acousto-optic deflectors.
Product Description


As an acousto-optic crystal material with excellent performance, lead molybdate crystal is widely used in various acousto-optic devices such as acousto-optic deflectors, acousto-optic modulators, and ion conductors. The application of materials in nuclear instruments has also attracted extensive attention, however, the photochromic effects of crystals limit the application of crystals. So far, people still have different views on the origin of the radiation-induced color center absorption band of this crystal.