Extra Large Sapphire Optical Window
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Extra Large Sapphire Optical Window

The substrate of the sapphire optical window is a synthetic sapphire crystal (Al2O3). Synthetic Sapphire is a crystal that is second only to diamonds in hardness. It is a single-crystal form of Al2O3, pure and transparent. Excellent mechanical, optical, physical and chemical properties make sapphire an ideal material for high-performance system design and application. Sapphire is the best choice for a wide range of harsh environmental applications compared to other optical materials.

Large diameter sapphire windows are often used in defense or research areas. These oversize sapphire optics can protect larger infrared camera and lasers from being scratched by debris.



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Product Description

Sapphire optical window sheet refers to a sapphire window sheet product used for optical purposes. This optical use
generally refers to imaging, detection, scanning, etc., which have a wide range of applications in aerospace and other fields


Sapphire optical windows are ideal for applications where high pressure, vacuum, or corrosive atmospheres are a
consideration. Sapphire windows will exceed all other optical materials in harsh environments, providing a better barrier
between elements. Finewin Wafers can make various sapphire optical windows according to special requirements and
drawings. All of these sapphire windows have high-precision polished surfaces, surface accuracy and parallelism.

Sapphire windows can be found in applications across the whole optical industry as well as in the field of measurement and
analytical instrumentation.

They are widely used for scanner windows, high-pressure systems, high vacuum systems, infrared surveillance systems
and plasma systems.

Basic technical parameters:
1. Dimension tolerance ± 0.05mm
2. Finish 60-40
3. Edge <0.25mm×45°
4. Clear aperture >85%
5. Polishing High-precision double-sided polishing
6. Coating: on your request.

1.Besides normal spec sapphire windows, FineWin wafers offers extra large size sapphire windows up to 300mm in diameter.
2.All our sapphire windows have strict quality control, cleaned and packed in class 100 room. The consistency of the surface
finish is excellent.