Aplane, Mplane, Rplane Sapphire Substrate
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Aplane, Mplane, Rplane Sapphire Substrate

The material is grown and orientated, and substrates are fabricated and polished to an extremely smooth damage free Epi-Ready surface on one or both sides of the wafer.  A variety of wafer orientations (Cplane, Mplane, Aplane, Rplane) and sizes up to 8"(2inch to 8inch) diameter are available.

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Product Description

 Detailed specification:


Related Products available:

1. All orientations are available : C plane, M plane, A plane, R plane, C plane to M plane

2. Size: from 2inch to 8 inches are available for all types


1. Growth substrate for III-V compounds  (Cplane)

2. Electronics and optoelectronics

3. IR applications

4. Silicon On Sapphire Integrated Circuit(SOS) (M plane)

5. Radio Frequency Integrated Circuit(RFIC)

6. hybrid microelectronic applications (Aplane)