8inch Cplane Sapphire Substrate
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8inch Cplane Sapphire Substrate

Sapphire is a material of a unique combination of physical, chemical and optical properties, which make it resistant to high temperature, thermal shock, water and sand erosion, and scratching. It is a superior window material for many IR applications from 3µm to 5µm. C-plane sapphire substrates are widely used to grow III-V and II-VI compounds such as GaN for blue LED and laser diodes, while R-plane sapphire substrates are used for the hetero-epitaxial deposition of silicon for microelectronic IC applications.
The 8-inch sapphire wafers can enable chip makers to roll out more productivity, which will help them drive down costs dramatically.
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Product Description

Detailed specification:

Item8-inch C-plane(0001) 1300μm Sapphire Wafers
Growth MethodKY
Crystal Materials99,999%, High Purity, Monocrystalline Al2O3
OrientationCplane (0001)+/- 0.1°  or Cplane off Mplane0.2+/- 0.1°
Thickness1300,1500 μm +/- 25 μm
Front surfaceEpi-polished, Ra < 0.2 nm (by AFM)
Back surfaceEpi-polished, Ra < 0.2 nm (by AFM)Fine ground, Ra = 0.8 μm to 1.2 μm
TTV< 25 μm
BOW< 25 μm
WARP< 25 μm
CleaningClass 100 cleanroom cleaning and vacuum packaging,
Packaging25 pieces in one cassette packaging or single piece packaging.


The main application of optical sapphire is large aperture windows, viewports, illuminators for common-aperture optical systems (visible+IR) what make sapphire the top actual material due to its optical and mechanical properties.

Sapphire products are used in many fields as optical details (windows, plates, light guides and lenses, especially sapphire plane-parallel plates - windows, optical high-temperature substrates, exact mechanics details, bulbs of high pressure lamps and so on.