3inch Cplane Sapphire Substrate
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3inch Cplane Sapphire Substrate

Sapphire is an important material used widely in the growth of III-nitride epitaxial layers (GaN, AlN, InN, AlGaN, InGaN, InAlN, etc.) and electronics applications. For these applications, the surface roughness of the sapphire substrate is the key factor that influences its performance.
3inch sapphire substrates can be customized.
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Product Description

Detailed specification:

Item3-inch C-plane(0001) 430μm Sapphire Wafers
Growth MethodKY
Crystal Materials99,999%, High Purity, Monocrystalline Al2O3
OrientationCplane (0001)+/- 0.1°  or Cplane off Mplane0.2+/- 0.1°
Thickness500 μm +/- 25 μm or customized
Primary Flat OrientationA-plane(11-20) +/- 0.2°
Primary Flat Length22.0 mm +/- 1.0 mm
Front surfaceEpi-polished, Ra < 0.2 nm (by AFM)
Back surfaceEpi-polished, Ra < 0.2 nm (by AFM)Fine ground, Ra = 0.8 μm to 1.2 μm
TTV< 8 μm
BOW< 10 μm
WARP< 15 μm
CleaningClass 100 cleanroom cleaning and vacuum packaging,
Packaging25 pieces in one cassette packaging or single piece packaging.


Used as the sustrates of GaN epitaxial wafer (GaN Templates), then process LED chips