2~6inch FZ Silicon Wafers
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2~6inch FZ Silicon Wafers

Silicon wafer is an important material for making integrated circuits. Various semiconductor devices can be made through photolithography and ion implantation of silicon wafers.
silicon wafers have been widely used in aerospace, industry, agriculture and national defense, and even sneaked into every family.
Product Description

Products specifications:

Growth MethodFZ
Type(doping)P-type (B doped) or Ntype (P doped)
Orientation(100) or (111)
Diameter2inch to 6inch
Thickness200~5000 μm,
SurfaceSSP or DSP
TTV&BOW'≤25 μm
Resistivity1000~100000 ohm.cm
Cleaning/ packagingVacuum packaging, 25 pieces in one cassette packaging
Stock situationyour required specification can be sent to us for checking