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Silicon Wafers

Silicon wafer is an important material for making integrated circuits. Various semiconductor devices can be made through photolithography and ion implantation of silicon wafers.
silicon wafers have been widely used in aerospace, industry, agriculture and national defense, and even sneaked into every family.
Product Description

What is silicon wafer?

A silicon wafer is a material essential for manufacturing semiconductors, which are found in all kinds of electronic devices that enrich our lives.

This ultra-flat disk is polished to a mirror-like surface, and made as free as possible of tiny surface irregularities, making it the flattest object in the world. It is also ultra-clean, virtually free of microparticles and other impurities. These qualities are necessary so it can be used as the substrate material of today's state-of-the-art semiconductors.

What we supply?

We are Specializing in the production of silicon wafers, relying on top domestic research institutes. We provide high-quality, high-precision monocrystalline silicon crystal components for coating, communications, laser optoelectronics and infrared optics industries. 

We also can provide customers with  professional technical support in product design and application. 

The company's products include Czochralski (CZ) monocrystalline silicon, zone fusion (FZ) monocrystalline silicon cutting wafers (as cut) and ground wafers (lapped). According to users' needs, suitable materials can be selected and processed into various shapes ( Round, square, rectangular, etc.). 





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