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Sapphire Substrate

FineWin is a supplier of sapphire substrates for photoelectronic applications, including the high brightness LED market.

The material is grown and orientated, and substrates are fabricated and polished to an extremely smooth damage free Epi-Ready surface on one or both sides of the wafer.  A variety of wafer orientations (Cplane, Mplane, Aplane, Rplane) and sizes up to 8"(2inch to 8inch) diameter are available.

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Product Description

Our substrates for growing LED crystals are used by many LED manufacturers. 

Sapphire Substrate is a kind of widely used single crystal substrate material. It is the first choice substrate in the current blue, violet, white light-emitting diode (LED) and blue laser (LD) industry (gallium nitride film needs to be epitaxial on the sapphire substrate first), and it is also an important superconducting film substrate. 

Products available:

1. All orientations are available : C plane, M plane, A plane, R plane, C plane to M plane

2. Size from 2inch to 8 inches are available for all types

3. All kinds of customized specifications are all can be accepted



1. Growth substrate for III-V compounds  (Cplane)

2. Electronics and optoelectronics

3. IR applications

4. Silicon On Sapphire Integrated Circuit(SOS) (M plane)

5. Radio Frequency Integrated Circuit(RFIC)

6. hybrid microelectronic applications (Aplane)

 Detailed specification: