SILICON Nitride Wafer Si3N4 Thin Film
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SILICON Nitride Wafer Si3N4 Thin Film

Within the semiconductor industry, silicon nitride layers are used as dielectric material, passivation layers or can act as hardmask. Additionally, there are several applications in micro-mechanics, for example as membrane material.

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Product Description

PECVD and LPCVD Silicon Nitride

LPCVD silicon nitride  layers can be easily deposited on silicon wafers in a reproducible,  pure and uniform way. This leads to silicon nitride layers with low  electrical conductivity, very good coverage of edges and high thermal  stability.

PECVD silicon nitride  layers allow higher growth rate, which therefore leads to thicker  layers. Stoichiometry and stress can also be adjusted. High thickness  uniformity and etch rates are eventually obtained. PECVD Silicon nitride wafers are particularly suitable for passivation layers.

Fields of Application for Silicon Nitride

In the field of tool-making, stoichiometric trisilicon tetranitride (Si3N4) with its very high mechanical and thermal stability is used for tools such as roller bearings used under harsh conditions.

For semiconductor devices, the chemical, electrical and optical properties of amorphous hydrogenated silicon nitride (SiNx) make this material well-suited for different applications, such as for

  • passivation or insulating layers in integrated circuits

  • masking or etch stop material in wet and plasma etching processes due to its high chemical stability

  • masking material in silicon oxidation processes due to the very low oxygen diffusion coefficient in SiNx

  • anti-reflective coating in photovoltaics due to its adjustable refractive index



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