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Products introduction

  • Third-generation semiconductor materials


    What is Third-generation semiconductor materialsThis is determined by the material. Semiconductor materials are important materials for making transistors, integrated circuits, power electronic devices, and optoelectronic devices.Its development has gone through three stages: The first-generation ma Read More

  • What is silicon wafer?


    A silicon wafer is a material essential for manufacturing semiconductors, which are found in all kinds of electronic devices that enrich our lives.Few of us have a chance to encounter an actual silicon wafer in daily life. This ultra-flat disk is polished to a mirror-like surface, and made as free a Read More

  • Sapphire Protective Windows


    Workers working at high altitudes now often burn some welding gas, but because of the irritating white light during the firing process, this is very harmful to the eyes and will cause various eye diseases over time. Therefore, people have developed an item that can protect the eyes, that is, the sap Read More

  • The application of Sapphire windows


    You may feel unfamiliar when it comes to sapphire windows, but you must be familiar with the fields in which it is applied. Its application is very wide: in addition to some optical laboratory equipment or detection and other technological equipment, it is also used in all aspects of our daily life, Read More



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